The challenges of awakening (3).png
The challenges of awakening (3).png


Here you will discover: 

How the agricultural, economic and cultural shift that happening in India 2600 years ago spawned what was to become yoga.

Shramanas: the original Yogis. What motivated them to create this spiritual movement and influenced their values.

Ashrams: a place of striving for the truth: where the Shramanas lived. 

The two types of Shramanas: young celibate hardcore men and older retired couples. The different ways that society felt about these people. 

The purpose and focus of the Shramana movement. Their practices and experimentation to bring liberation to the mind and freedom from this thing called “Samsara”

The earliest use of the word yoga was in terms of “a discipline of the body-mind that allows for realisation of the self.” Why this is so important and different from western philosophical thought.

The Buddha: one of the original Shramanas and his impact upon yoga. Why spiritual practice is not just about getting high but about dedication to the Truth. 

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