☛ The Soul Immersion

is a unique six-month program designed for practitioners to embody & integrate potent Tantrik Yoga practices into their daily rhythm with empowering and expert support. 

“The immersion was an unquestionably transformational experience. Coming out the other side, the world feels completely different: radiant, harmonious, bursting with beauty in the smallest detail”
— Immersion graduate

This course is for you if you would like to:

  • Receive a grounding in the Tantrik 'View teachings' and foundational practices that are only shared within the container of a committed community; potent teachings and practices received by Hareesh from his teachers, woven into a coherent whole and now transmitted to you (to learn more about Hareesh and his teachers click here or browse the writings on this site) 
  • Understand the nature of the mind and how we create our own suffering,
  • Discover what it really means to be a 'divine being having a human experience', and
  • Experience a permanent shift in your default state: living from your 'soul' or essence-nature. 

You will receive: 

  • Lucid transmissions of the wisdom teachings of Shaiva Tantra
  • A complete yogic lifestyle guide to support your body mind system during these potent practices. 
  • Powerful awareness cultivation techniques and energy body practices.  
  • Individual guidance and tailoring of practices for you
  • Reading and simple writing assignments designed to take you deeper. 
  • An online community with well organized support. 
  • Teachings on Ayurvedic cleansing and prāṇa cultivation

The format: 

  • A central course website where all weekly workshops, pdfs and audios are posted and the online forum is held. All content is available until the site closes after the Immersion wraps. 
  • Live webinars for Q and A (with in-person meetings for those in Colorado)
  • Weekly discussions with an assigned Immersion buddy
  • One on One phone / skype check-ins with Hareesh (with in-person meetings if you live in the Denver/Boulder area) 
  • Guest teachings from Scott Blossom and Cristina Star
  • A 4 night retreat at Shambala Mountain Retreat Center, Colorado
  • A 150 hour Certificate of Completion is awarded in Yoga Philosophy and practice which can be used to apply for CEUs with Yoga Alliance or other registries.
“The Immersion has been the most powerful, transformative, and impactful experience of my spiritual practice. Hareesh and the team delivered authentic Tantrik teachings and practices that have filled my being with compassion, acceptance, and joy for others and the world exactly as they are. I know of no better method for empowerment and self-acceptance than this immersion program.”
— Immersion graduate

In this profound video workshop, Hareesh describes the goal of the practices shared during this program. This video is required viewing if you wish to apply for the Immersion.

“The immersion course has lit a path for me out of the darkness. It has taught me how to accept what is. I’m still walking on that path, and with Hareesh’s teachings and guidance, I can see the sun shining, more and more brightly, each day.”
— Immersion graduate

What you need to know: 

Faculty: Hareesh Wallis with guests Scott Blossom & Cristina Star

Dates: March 21 - September 21, 2017 

Location: ONLINE plus retreat in Colorado

Prerequisite: 40 Day Awareness Challenge or consent of Instructor

Pricing: Tuition: $2295 + Housing for retreat (Four night retreat, August 20-23, Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado, USA; housing options for retreat range from $425 - $1050. The retreat is mandatory part of the program, though permission from instructor granted for special circumstances).

Payment plans and some work trade partial scholarships are available: Apply for a scholarship here

We are accepting applications until March 14th (note: no refunds of deposits after that point)

“…almost every single person on the immersion testified that it was a life-changing experience. Nothing could possibly exemplify the significance of transmission vs. teaching better than the 25 glowing faces I had the blessing to witness at our closing retreat….”
— Hareesh
Hareesh’s academic rigor, the level of his own spiritual development, his fiery passion for spreading this knowledge and his open heart is, quite simply, a recipe for mighty powerful transmission. My study with him has been a life altering experience; I cannot say enough about his awesome ability as a teacher and spiritual guide.
— Kathy