Fire and Nectar with Hareesh Wallis and Hannah Muse

September 20-24th, 2017 

The original scriptures of Tantrik Yoga use Fire & Nectar as central metaphors in the spiritual life. Fire represents the transformative power of yoga, and the challenges of life. Nectar, represents joyful ease and flow in life, and is the exquisite result of centering oneself in the Fire of Yoga. When self-imposed limitations are consumed in that fire, the nectar of joy and freedom flows abundantly. When we allow the full flow of both Fire & Nectar, we embody grace, for the benefit of all beings.

In this  retreat we immerse our body/mind/heart in the teachings and practices of nondual Tantrik Yoga through a focus on the Deities/energies of Amriteshwara and Lakshmi. Our encounter with deepest Truth will be held in the alchemical container of a holistic approach to Yoga.


This Retreat is for you if:

  • You would like to learn some of the most vital and effective practices ever discovered by the Tantrik Yoga tradition 
  • You want access to a community of kindred spirits, awake with curiosity and alive with passion for the spiritual path
  • You want access to the expertise of a professional Sanskrit scholar who is also a long-term practitioner.

It is in our daily life that the real Nectar becomes apparent: greater ease and flow, authentic compassion toward self and others, and a centered sense of “Self” that permeates everything.

This retreat took me somewhere I had never been before, yet somewhere so intimate as only an inner heart experience can be. It was the most beautiful opportunity I have yet had to relax into a feeling I hadn’t realized was my true nature, filling my heart with joy, love and gratitude. Truly magical, unbelievably powerful, absolutely real.
— Laura


Hareesh Wallis, PhD

Hailed as a profoundly insightful and clear teacher of yoga philosophy and meditation, Hareesh was introduced to Indian spirituality at the age of six and initiated into the practice of meditation and yoga at sixteen.

He holds 3 graduate degrees in Indian Religion, Sanskrit, and Tantrik Shaivism from U.C. Berkeley and Oxford. He is a freelance lecturer, leads his most in depth programs through TRU, and is the author of an acclaimed blog and books Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition (2011), and The Recognition Sutras (2017).

Hannah Muse

Hannah has been voted as one of the Top Three “Best Yoga Instructors” in the Santa Cruz Good Times for the past five years. Her classes skillfully weave mantra, pranayama, meditation, mudra, and philosophy throughout creative mindful alignment-based flows, seeking to empower the yogin to become vital in body, clear in mind, and rediscover the grace which is already present.

 She has been a featured presenter at Symbiosis, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Electric Forest, and other festivals.  Co-creator and teacher of the beloved ROOTS of Yoga Teacher Trainings (50, 200 and 300 hour trainings) alongside Kenny Graham, she also leads the Prenatal training at Mount Madonna Center. Hannah founded the yoga program at Siena House, serving homeless women and their babies during and after pregnancy, and serves on the board of the Yoga for All Movement, offering yoga and mindfulness to the homeless, incarcerated, and under-served.  She is devoted to sharing the sacred gifts of yoga that continue to awaken her heart each day.

Location: Mt. Madonna

This retreat will be offered at Mount Madonna Center & Hanuman Temple, Monterey Bay Coast, California.


There are several offerings at different rates. The rates are set by Mount Madonna Center. You will be able to choose from private, double, dormitory, and camping options to suit your preferences and needs. The cost of lodging includes bedding (unless camping) and 3 delicious vegetarian meals, snacks, and beverages daily.

  • Camping: $299
  • Dorm shared bath: $399
  • Double shared bath: $499
  • Single shared bath: $649
  • Single private bath: $759

After you register you will choose your housing option.

Partial Work Trade Scholarships: We always offer scholarships, and due to the intimate size of for our retreats we can only offer 3.


Energetic investment: We ask that you offer your time and attention to the teachings and practices as they are laid out in the structured schedule fully. Come willing and open to all the potentials that this level of depth can offer, setting aside all communication with the rest of the world during this time. There is no internet or phone use on this retreat.

Financial investment: $575 ( Not including room & Board which varies $299-$759 camping – single with private bath) Early Bird is $499 if paid in FULL by July 21



Plan to arrive no later than 4:00pm September 20th and depart no earlier than 1:30pm September 24th. Mount Madonna Center is located approximately 2 hours driving time south of San Francisco, in the Santa Cruz Mountains of the Central California coast. Mount Madonna Center overlooks Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey and Pacific Grove.
Be prepared to be out of contact for the duration of the retreat. No cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. This is a 100% off grid experience.
The closest airports are San Jose (1 hour) and San Fransisco (2 hours)
You can schedule a shuttle from the airport though the Mount Madonna Center:

September 20th-24th

Tuition is $575 ( Not including room & Board which varies $299-$759 camping – single with private bath)
Early Bird is $499 if paid in FULL by July 21

Payment plans are available