“I am extremely thankful for the kindness, knowledge and openness that Hareesh offers in these classes. Not only do I appreciate the warmth that I get from being connected to individuals so committed to spiritual enlightenment, but the vibrations of the class last long after.  I feel so expanded and connected to my true nature after the class I walk down the street in San Francisco seeing the light in everyone.  Thanks for a beautiful experience!” ~ Heart of Recognition student

“Enrolling in this course has shown me many things about spirituality that a book simply cannot teach you.  Specifically, the feeling of energy flowing throughout my body for the first time during the second week’s meditation is an experience that cannot be duplicated.  So convinced of its validity, that feeling has now become a strong basis for me…the more in touch I get with my spirituality, the more enthralled and dedicated I become.” ~ U.C. Berkeley student

“As a graduate student studying medicine my life is so so full, yet the thing that I look forward to most in my week is our class. While I wish I had so much more time with it (I hear you in my head saying, as you did last Sunday, 'What else in there to do?  Deepen your practice...') I have been experiencing some deep changes. The more time I spend in meditation, chanting, practicing yoga, or contemplating the sutras, the more the changes feel like they start to set down roots of transformation. I feel my awareness becoming wider. I can be for longer. I come back to myself when I get lost in the dredges of the day (or my own limited or habitual thinking) with more certainty that I never actually left my awareness, I just forgot for a time that that is where I actually exist. I am sure you hear this from many of your students (along with how intense it gets, how sleep sometimes disappears or circumstances arise that put you up against your edge), I just wanted to extend my gratitude for your guidance. As I said last week, you are a wonderful teacher Hareesh. It is a blessing to be your student. Surely, it is an act of Grace.” ~ Heart of Recognition student